Louisiana Travel Agent Opportunity

You’ve heard people always talk about the benefits and perks that travel agents get when they travel but have you ever taken the time to wonder why should I be a travel agent and what can I offer that people will want?

Well offering something that people will want is the least of your worries because they are doing it with or without you. If you look all over Facebook and Instagram all you see are pictures of your friends and family travel pictures or comments about where they are planning to go next. You see most people want to be somewhere other than where they are already at for some reason and they will usually tell you where that somewhere is. You just need to book it.

If you live in Louisiana you have ample opportunities to take a cut of the hundreds of millions of dollars that come into the state a year that no one has ever offered to partner with you on.

You have countless events in New Orleans every year that you can book with us including:

  • New Orleans Saints Games
  • New Orleans Pelican Games
  • Hotels for tourists
  • Flights for tourists
  • Tours of Plantations
  • Trips to Mardi Gras
  • Trips to the Crawfish Festivals
  • LSU Football Games
  • Southern University Football Games
  • The “Bayou Classic”
  • The Essence Festival
  • Numberous Vendor Conventions
  • Concerts
  • Superbowls
  • NCAA Tournaments
  • and more…

The state is filled with history and charm that attracts people from all over the country to visit friends and family during the continuous events around the state. With your casinos, multiple airports and cruise ships departing from the port in New Orleans you can handle customers from around the Gulf Coast who want to frequent coming to your area for the same entertainment and fun that they already enjoy experiencing. Now they have you to make their reservations and we pay you a nice commission for doing so from the comfort of your home.

$179.95 gets you started in your own travel business today and $39.95 a month will provide you with training courses, travel agents certifications, a new booking engine website, payment processing system (so you don’t have to collect cash), marketing support, and help desk services to help you build your travel business nationwide. Still got questions? Contact me instantly via Facebook Messenger  or text message.