Start Your Own Home Based Travel Agent Business

Take a few moments to review the video below. This is your first step toward launching what we believe will be one of the Best Decisions you’ve ever made.

If you like what you saw and you’re ready to launch you new travel business today follow these steps outlined below:


To Become a Travel Agent that Can Also Build a Team

  • If you want to have the option to build a travel team and earn even more income than you originally planned as a travel agent only then the first thing you want to do is click here and enroll as a PlanNet Marketing Rep first (YOUR BUSINESS option on the home page) for ($19.95)
  • Once you have enrolled as a PlanNet Marketing Rep you can then log into your back office with the username and password you created and upgrade your account to Travel Agent ($179.95) to ensure your accounts are properly linked together and you receive payments and bonuses for all activity associated with your new business.

To Become a Travel Agent Only

Unlike a lot of companies in the industry we give you the option to become a travel agent only, meaning you could not recruit anyone to be on your team even if they asked you, “how can I book travel from home also?“. We understand that not everyone wants to build a large team of travel agents to earn a monthly residual so if that is the case for you, you only need to choose the YOUR PRODUCT option on the home page to register your business as a travel agent only ($179.95).

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